Frequently Asked Questions About the Social Security Disability Program
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How do I Initially file a Social Security disability Application?

Filing an initial application for Social Security disability can be done by  visiting the Administration website and filling out the disability application forms online or by calling your local Administration office. They will review the form with you or schedule an appointment to visit their office. We have compiled a list of Mississippi Social Security offices for you.

What Does "SSDI" Mean?

"SSDI" stands for Social Security Disability Insurance. This is a program operated by the Federal government that provides income for a person who is unable to work as long as that person has worked previously and paid Social Security taxes for a certain amount of time. Many people liken the program to a disability insurance policy.

DoEs My Disability qualify for Disability benefits?

There are a lot of rules and regulations concerning whether a specific disability or combination of medical problems qualifies a person for Social Security disability benefits. If you have a question about qualifying for disability benefits contact us today by filling out the form on this page. We will provide you with a free disability evaluation.

How long will it take to receive my Social Security disability payments?

The Mississippi Social Security Administration is trying to review applications as quickly as possible, however, there is a large backlog of disability requests with more being filed every day. Currently there is a time period of several months before you may hear the status of your application. If your claim must be appealed it can take as much as two years or longer. Sometimes hiring an attorney can help the process go faster. An experienced Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers Social Security disability attorney can help you prepare the best claim and assist in gathering the paperwork the Administration will need to properly decide your claim.

is there a difference between a Social Security disability Lawyer and a Social Security disability attorney?

The terms "lawyer" and "attorney" are synonyms in modern English. There is no difference in the qualifications of a Social Security disability attorney and a Social Security disability lawyer.  The Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers has local Social Security disability lawyers in Mississippi to help you fight for your disability benefits.

I Have already been denied Social Security disability benefits

You are in good company! About 65% of initial applications are denied. Most of the applications are denied again during the first appeal, however, a well prepared case may have it best chance of winning when appealed to an Administrative Law Judge as you are provided an opportunity to explain your side of the story before the judge. A good Social Security disability lawyer can help you gather all of the necessary items and present your case before the judge and interrogate the government witnesses who will be trying to prevent you from receiving your benefits.

A note of caution here. There are strict timelines to file a notice of appeal. If you fail to meet a timeline you may need to re-file an initial application. You should contact us immediately by completing the form on this page so our legal team can begin a free evaluation of your case.

How can a Social Security disability lawyer or attorney help me?

There are many ways a Social Security disability lawyer or attorney can assist you in obtaining the disability benefits you deserve. The process starts with a FREE disability case evaluation. A lawyer and his or her legal team can help you gather all of the paperwork necessary to build a solid claim, present your case before an Administrative Law Judge or Federal Court Judge and cross examine any witnesses the Administration may bring to testify against you. Our legal team can also help you make sure you do not miss any deadlines.

What is An Administrative Law Judge?

An Administrative Law Judge, also known as an ALJ, oversees a disability appeals hearing. When a person initially files for Social Security disability benefits, they are usually denied. They can appeal, but are usually denied again. However, the next appeal is held before an ALJ who personally hears from the applicant and their witnesses. Also present are witnesses brought by the Administration who attempt to convince the judge to prevent the applicant from receiving benefits.

Why should I use the Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers to help me get my Social Security disability benefits?

The Cochran Firm is a national law firm with a long standing and very strong reputation. We have helped tens of thousands of people over the years. Besides our experience and reputation, we can also provide you with a Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers Social Security disability attorney who lives in Mississippi. Local lawyers have the opportunity to learn the court systems and judges who will be overseeing your claim. Knowing the likes and dislikes of individual judges can help win your case.

What does it cost to have my disability case Evaluated by the Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers?

The Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers does not charge any upfront fees or charge you to evaluate your claim. As a matter of fact, our Social Security disability lawyers will not charge you a fee unless you are able to win the disability benefits you deserve! Contact us today to start your free evaluation.

How can I pay my bills while I wait for social security disability benefits to be paid?

Paying bills and providing for your needs and possibly even your families needs while waiting for Social Security disability benefits can be extremely tough. We understand what you may be going through, so we have put together some resources to help you through this time. First, download the Mississippi resource guide for the counties closest to where you live by visiting our Resource Guide Page. In addition, visit our Helping Hands Blog. As we find programs that could help you, we post them there. Currently we have about fifty articles featuring Mississippi resources.

How Long Should I Wait to contact the Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers about My Social Security disability benefits claim?

The quick answer is, "Don't wait to apply for disability benefits!" There are three reasons for this. First, by filing for your benefits now you can receive them sooner if they are awarded. Secondly, there are numerous timelines that must be carefully followed or you may be disqualified from receiving disability benefits you deserve. Thirdly, Congress may change the eligibility requirements any day leaving you ineligible to receive benefits you may be eligible to receive today. Our disability attorneys in Mississippi can help you understand the rules, regulations and timelines imposed by the Federal Government.

Why should you trust the Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers to assist you in gaining your Social Security disability benefits?

The Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers has been fighting for people's rights for many years. We have successfully negotiated cases for thousands and thousands of clients. Many of our Social Security disability clients from Mississippi already had their claims denied before contacting us and we were able to work out successful resolutions. Contact us today for a FREE Social Security disability evaluation. Remember, we will not charge you a fee unless you win the benefits you deserve!

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